Friday Night is Movie Night!

During the seemingly endless hours between lunch and the conclusion of Friday’s workday, my thoughts often drift to what I’m going to do when I finally get home. Cuddly sweats, a random smattering of movies and/or tv shows, the editing and color correcting of hundreds of photos, and a  “congratulations, you survived another week!” mug of coffee are normal components of my Friday night plans. Since my husband is an adjunct instructor at a technical college in Tampa, his schedule changes every five weeks — this week, I have Friday nights to myself.

I am a movie junkie. That being said, I never know what movie I’ll be in the mood for until I actually sit down to watch a flick. I like scary movies; I just don’t do well with the “extra footage” supplied by my overactive imagination when I’m home alone. Despite this, I’m kind of in the mood for a scare. Any movie suggestions?

Mind the front door, honey…


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