National Coffee Day? Hello, Gorgeous!

Evidently, Dunkin’ Donuts and Career Builder are teaming up to inform me that my addiction to coffee came with my career choice. According to a recent survey, the top ten professions likely to “need coffee to get through the work day the most” are:

  1. Scientist/Lab Technician
  2. Marketing/Public Relations Professional (Strike 1 – current job)
  3. Educator/Administrator (Strike 2 – 2 years teaching at North Eastern University in Dalian, China)
  4. Editor/Writer (Strike 3 – current job)
  5. Healthcare Administrator
  6. Physician
  7. Food Preparer
  8. Professor (Strike 4 – again, English professor at NEU)
  9. Social Worker
  10. Financial Professional

Blaming my career for my addiction is a nice concept, but since today is National Coffee Day, I began to reminisce about my early years of caffeine addiction–before I chose a career. As I said in a previous post, my Dad traveled the world slaying corporate dragons. While on his adventures, clients would take him to world-renown, five-star restaurants, those tiny bistros that served heavenly nuggets of delight, and secret coffee headquarters located in tropical paradises. At least that’s what my underage, overactive, highly imaginitive brain told me. His carry-on bags always held treasures from far-away places; treasures that sometimes, if I was lucky, included dark roasted coffee beans.

My first taste of “the good stuff” came during a trip to Venezuela when I was six years old. Enrique, my Dad’s buisness partner at the time, met us at the airport and took us to his home in the hills of Caracas. Surrounded by the lush Venezuelan landscape of our friend’s home, we were served dark brewed coffee, sweet cream, and raw sugar. It was divine and I was utterly, unreservedly in love. At the close of our trip, Enrique loaded down our bags with his magic beans and sent us on our way. Every time he would fly to the States, his breifcase would be laden with pounds of coffee; he was one of my favorite grown ups. To this day, our Venezuelan friend maintains hero status in my book.

Honestly, I think this experience is what ruined me for Folgers and turned me into the coffee snob that I am. Once you fly first class, you seriously loathe coach, right?  So, here’s to all of you coffee snobs, caffeine addicts, and social muggers. I raise my steamy cup of brew to you!

Reader Response: How do you take your coffee?


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